About Us

Performance tuning, parts, rolling road, servicing for

Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Subaru and many more…


Our experienced technicians and mechanics understand all aspects of the performance car spectrum, from basic tuning and maintenance, to comprehensive rebuilds for road, race and rally. All support services, engineering, dynamics, chassis and body are based at Clinical Performance.

Also incorporating an extensive Research & Development operation, The Engine Building facilities is a focal point of the company. Within a temperature and pressure-controlled environment, all engines are hand-assembled, using only the finest components, many of which have been designed and developed in-house. A dedicated team of specialists monitors Quality Control to the highest levels. Gearboxes and differential units are also trialled and tested in the same area.

Our Workshop manned by a dedicated team of mechanical wizards, the Workshop facilities consist of several hoists, including ‘wheels-free’ types that are seldom not in full use. A hard working team, each of them brings their own special skills and wealth of background knowledge to The Farm. What they do not know, is not worth knowing, although they will hold the answers in any case.

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